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Look no further for your payday loan needs!
My Missouri Payday is here to help with loans up to $500.

Why Choose Us?
Having been in business since 2008, we are in for the long haul. Some business are fly by night operations that pop up and then disappear as fast as they arrived. We will be around for years so the relationship you build with us will be meaningful and useful to you.

If you've borrowed from a bank before you know that it can be a slow process. You could wait for days or weeks to see the money, and then it's usually in the form of a cheque that you have to deposit into your bank account. Not with us: we transfer the money to you by the next business day or sooner, and directly into your account by ACH or wire.

Any information that you send us over the internet will be absolutely secure. The communications are protected by reliable encryption algorithms that ensure your privacy.
Who Qualifies?
You need a job
In order to get a loan we need to know that you can repay the loan. That generally means a full time job. It does not mean disability payments, pensions or welfare.

You need a bank account
Since our loans are deposited directly into your account, you'll need an account. In addition to having a bank account, you'll specifically need to have a bank account that has online access that lets you view at minimum your past month's transactions. This is because we require that you install a screen capture program to send us your recent bank activity as part of the approval process.

You have to live in Missouri
Our service is only for residents of Missouri. If you live somewhere else, give us a call and we can try to put you in touch with someone who lends in your area.

How Does It Work?
It couldn't be easier


Fill our the simple form and submit it to our servers. This should take no more than give minutes.


Upload your screen captures of your bank statements, or provide check stubs if your pay isn't deposited directly into your account.


We'll review your application and give you a yes or no as soon as possible, probably within fifteen minutes.


We'll send you the funds either immediately or the next day depending on who you bank with.

Pay Back

We'll automatically debit your account via ACH on the scheduled repayment date. If you miss a payment, just call us and let us know when we can reschedule it for.


Next time you need a loan you can just send the screencap. We'll be waiting for it and will process your loan even quicker than the first time.

We Lend Across Missouri